Future Day

The concept of the Future-Day for schools evolved in spring 2022 in cooperation with two fascinating schools in Luxembourg: the European International School in Differdange and Esch (EIDE) and the school in Kapellen.

Both schools are very lucky to have already advanced a long way in their school development processes.

Due to the pandemic, many of the new faculty members never had the chance to get to know their colleagues.

  • connecting the teachers on a personal level
  • team building activities to improve cooperation on a general level
  • enabling a summary of the existing teams in school development

Work sessions and team building

To achieve these goals we create a special timetable, using mixed methods of world-cafe, Design Thinking and collaborative team building exercises.

The team-building challenges included tasks to train all 4C of the 21st Century Skills: communication, cooperation, creativity and critical thinking. We added a round of physical exercises too.

Challenges for the EIDE

The EIDE faces a special challenge because in the year 22/23 they will have where their first graduation class passing the unique EB exams.

Involvement of students

In order to concoct the final version of the team-building challenges we involved a group of 12 very motivated students who volunteered to be the MCs for their teachers on this special occasion. The students came up with the sports and dance challenges as well as the questions for the quiz.
They also acted as welcome comittee in the early morning, handing out the lanyards to their teachers and sometimes nudging them in coming up with their specific hashtags for the day.

Marshmallow Challenge

Teams were split in half and would each compete with the classical Marschmallow Challenge. Their task is to build a structure by using

  • 20 uncooked spaghetti
  • 1 m of masking tap
  • 1 m some string
  • 1 marshmallow

The highest standing structure with the marshmallow on top wins.
Please find more info on the Marshmallow Challenge.