Communication Skills

Do you enjoy listening to a great speaker at a conference?
Are you fascinated by the way some people are able to tell a joke ?

Good communication skills are not a result of the fickle finger of fate. All enthusiastic speakers, every captivating narrator and intriguing story-teller have trained and refined their abilities over and over again.

The findings of the communication sciences, one of the most important disciplines of the twentieth century, have shown that successful communication is one of the main factors in human evolution.

Without communication, there would be no division of labor or cultural diversity. Humankind wouldn’t live in complex social systems or work in multinational companies.

How communication can be desastrous ?

If you take a close look you will find that behind almost every interpersonal problem, behind every conflict small or large, there is a communication problem lurking.

No matter if it’s in your private or professional life – if you are able to improve your communication you will be more successful.

If you learn to phrase your own needs clearly (and without aggression!) it is easy to motivate partners, to find people who will support an idea.
Good communication skills help you to  convince others, not to persuade them.

Keep practicing !

As with all othe soft skills the secret to success is: Keep Practicing !

My communication seminars for small or large teams provide plenty of opportunities to turn a failing group into into the most productive unit. My workshops help you to become your best possible self.

Due to many practical exercises you are able first to understand your own verbal and noverbal communication habits and the underlying thought processes. And then you will be able to change them.

Want to know more ?

It’s not only useful but also a lot fun to learn about the most important communication models. Newbies will find interesting facts about Paul Watzlawick, Friedemann Schulz von Thun and the very successful NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). And many video platforms  are filled with inspiring talks about communication skills.
Just browse around TED or for some time