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Nothing connects and unites people more powerfully than the mutual and collective experience of a shared adventure. Our brains are hungrily looking for plots, creating narrative connections whenever possible and it is mutually shared stories that keep cultures and societies alive and determine their futures.

The Power of Narrativium” – How Movies, Theatre & the Arts connect Minds  (interactive lecture)

Rituals, storytelling and theatrical performances were among the first bond-forming rituals mankind has developed. So get some of kicks for your brain as TeeKay guides you from the origins of theatre at the prehistoric fireplace until todays culture of sharing our lives in the social networks, remodeling our world on all levels: culture, commerce, conferences, common purpose and general connectedness.

Spiced with fun examples also from the “Discworld” of the late Terry Pratchett you will see how the vital element of “Narrativium” influences culture, commerce, conferences, common purpose and general connectedness.

We will use Improv-Theatre exercises to activate everyone and will


Sex sells – but stories sell more!
Storytelling as key factor for Marketing  (Workshop 1 day)

Marketing departments have understood what makes humans tick. So they feed us with memes, plots and narrative connections.  Reaching out to potential customers via social media has moved marketing to new levels thus being the new key to economical and political success. .

The power of internet memes forges tribes and echo chambers.
Exercising their influence on all the factors to create just ONE successful story in an ocean of stories has never been more challenging.
Interactive moments

The workshop participants should be ready to share THEIR stories with the others. We will analyze and compare the stories and projects to create mock-ups for marketing campaigns. The result may be a short perfomance, a draft for a multilevel-multimedia storytelling including video or even an interactive online game.


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