Application trainings

Are you looking for new challenges, the next smart career step or simply a raise? Would you like to change your job but have not applied for a while?

In all these cases it is vitally important to know your own strengths well and to be able to sell them. If you can present yourself with self-confidence applications can turn from an ordeal into being great fun. Since 2018 my new application trainings proved a great opportunity to let your skills and abilities shine and sparkle. Please find references from participants at the end of this page and click here for the next dates of the workshops.

A special focus is on the needs of academics and high performers as well as highly gifted and multi-talented people. Of course, the trainings are also ideal for other professional groups.

Be flirty and flash your qualities!

Don’t be shy – approach possible employers !

An application is like a wonderful flirtation. It should be truly entertaining for everyone involved. In the best case it ends in a happy long lasting “working relationship”. ?

Applicants and employers approach each other in several steps – nearly always with the desire to ensure optimal synergy for both parties.

Step #1 is usually the ad for an opening by the company when they have not been able to find an adequate person within their known networks. Step #2 is your answer to it – including a convincing motivation letter and a CV that informs about all the requirements they asked for as well the unique and valuable add-ons and assets you are able to bring to the company.

Step by step to success !

My workshops cover the whole process – from the first cover letter, the optimized form and length of your CV up to telephone interviews and the successful face-2-face job interview.

  • Analysis and optimization of the previous application strategies
  • Joint review and discussion of printed CVs
  • Identification of unused potentials
  • Role-playing sequences from telephone interview to face-2-face conversation – with a focus on voice, conversation, body language

We use your mobile phones to record your own application interview sequences. These recordings provide you with an optimal way to document and observe your status quo – and your changes.

In addition, a dress code check is possible: participants can bring their previous selection of planned clothing, which we bring into line with the expected corporate culture of the target companies.
Different formats

Keep in mind!

  1. Good communication is the secret of any successful negotiation
  2. Always remain open and solution-minded in any dialogue.
  3. Know your own merits ?

The seminars are possible in 3 formats:

  • one day 10:00 – 18:00, either Saturdays or Sundays
    (minimum 4, maximum 8 participants)
  • two-day 10:00 – 18:00, Saturdays and Sundays (minimum 10, maximum 16 participants *)
  • evening 18:00 – 22:00 (minimum 3, maximum 6 participants *)

In all formats, all participants receive sufficient time for their own needs and wishes. Personally, I recommend the two-day version. Here all participants have the opportunity to sleep one night on the results of the first day and to implement the new strategies with fresh energy on the second day.

In particularly urgent cases, of course, a single coaching is possible. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Efficient, trust-based groups

The workshops include a trusting and resource-oriented exchange with the other participants. All the individual challenges are excellent opportunities for learning from each other and comparing personal experienes in the approach..

In these small and efficient groups we train to

  • truly accept and cherish ourselves without overestimation
  • to present your own assets clearly and comprehensibly
  • to be confident and not nervous – even though your future depends on the interview
  • to carefully analyze the companies where you apply

In role-play you can experience which interests and needs are also present on the employers side.