Coaching – what is it?

As a  coach I help you to pursue your dreams and to acchieve your goals.
Like a good friend I assist you to find new and sometimes surprising answers to your most urgent questions.

1 on 1 Coaching

You and no one else are the captain of your life’s ship. But every now and then even a captain may need assistance. Like a pilot I help you to cross muddy waters, circumvent a storm or guide you through cliffs and past shoals. As a trained psychologist with many years of experience as a coach I provide a wide base for changing your perspective and enlarge your capacities. This way you may also discover new shores, harbors and places you might want to reach.

After a first free session of 60 minutes we will agree on the future terms of our cooperation. We will

  • define a clear outline of the path where you require my assistance
  • specify the duration and the mode of the sessions (face to face sessions are definitely the best option, but in urgent cases skype or a simple telephone call may be just as helpful)

Other offers

Team building

Couples, families, teams and groups can also increase their satisfaction and performance. Like a sports coach, I work with you to improve your communication, optimize your collaboration, and give your team the maximum output. Benefit from my many years of experience in various complex groups.