Coaching – what is it?

As a  coach I will help you to pursue your dreams and to fulfil your goals. I am like a good friend who will help you to find the answers to your most urgent questions.

1 on 1 coaching

You and no one else are the captain of your life’s ship. During a coaching process I will give you the necessary orientation during an agreed period of time: this can be short term, medium term or long term, just as you please.
Like a pilot I’ll help you to descover new shores, harbors and places you want to reach.

Team building

Couples, families, teams and groups can also increase their satisfaction and performance. Like a sports coach, I work with you to improve your communication, optimize your collaboration, and give your team the maximum output. Benefit from my many years of experience in various complex groups.
organizational development

Large organization such as companies, authorities but also social systems grow according to their own laws. These are also determined by the communication structures within these communities. Communication and technological possibilities in communication form the basis of collectively accepted images and ideals. If you are looking for change, change and, above all, growth, you have to start here.


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