Compact Coaching 5S2S

5 Steps 2 Success – Compact job coaching
If you are no longer happy in your current job or in your position self-employment, this compact coaching format is the right solution for you.
You are bored with the tasks assigned to you ?
You feel underpaid ?
You just don’t feel like it anymore?

In a compact series of 5 sessions within a month we take a close look at your current situation. Where excatly do you need change, what kind of improvement would be desirable.
I will help you to work out and practice strategies for your future new activities.

But maybe your problem is not really about you but actually a part of the systemic default of the department or even the whole company?

Although you will only be able to change yourself and your perspectives you will be leran to turn complicated or unloved colleagues into valuable collaborators using clearly formulated appreciation combined with constructive criticism.

 I – ndividual
S – elf realization