Creativity Workshops

Creativity is one of the most important factors for success in business. But an innovative idea does not suddenly occur out of nowhere. It’s hardly ever a unexpected strike of genius in someones head.
Dealing with thoughts, concepts and ideas in a creative, playful and productive way is an ability that can be enhanced and trained, just like any other talent. The following lectures and workshops will introduce you to a couple of well established techniques for “thinking outside of the box”.

!EUREKA! – Everyone is a think tank!
How to foster creativity and create business opportunities

Creativity as key to success – great lessons from da Vinci, Edison and Steven Jobs!

Not every musician will become a second Mozart, not every engineer another Nicolai Tesla and not every left-handed painter a Leonardo da Vinci. Nevertheless it is absolutely worthwhile to understand how these brilliant minds worked and emulate their strategies for tapping into our own genius potential.

This is exactly what we learn and practice in a a EUREKA! Workshop. It entails a short overview about how creativity works in general and then provides a lot of opportunities to practice the most important techniques. Amongst them are :

  • Thinking hats
  • Disney method
  • different typed of brainstorming

A brief introduction to design thinking is also possible

Possible formats

Workshop: Compact (1 – 3 hours) day & weekend seminar possible
Lecture / Lecture: Keynote (10 – 45 min) Lecture (60- 90 min)
Future Workshop “2morrow 2day”

From knowledge to project – Design Thinking

In a full-day workshop, a small team of 6-10 participants develops a roadmap for solving current, perhaps even acute, challenges based on a concrete question. The practical example of how a think tank works in dealing with specific challenges becomes clear and tangible. By using different meta-methods – from design thinking to TRIZ – own experiences are often achieved with immediate effectability.

Possible formats

Workshop Day & Weekend Seminar (trial version possible)


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