Tuned and Toned – the inner orchestra

Every healthy person is actually a multifaceted being with a vast array of interests, an enormous curiosity and a widespread assortment of activities and challenges. Imagine yourself to be like a huge orchestra with many fantastic instruments. This orchestra is able to produce amazing sounds and develop beautiful melodies.
Most of the time we will be able to enjoy all these gifts in our job, in our relationships, with our families. And we will be appreciated for uniting all these instruments within us, being able to play a harp, for the herp lovers around out, the flute or the violin for others and if necessary we can bang the drum effectively and perfectly on cue.

Yet sometimes we will get into conflict with our surroundings – or even ourselves. Our instruments are out of tune, some players quarrel with each other and the conductor has decided to leave the orchestra.

In this “TUNED & TONED” workshop you will learn how to solve such inner and outer conflicts.

I will help you to gain a unique understanding of all the instruments within you allowing you to enjoy all your personal resources. I include many elements and concepts such as systemic therapy, transactional analysis and the Inner Team.
Uniting them in an free, creative and transformational setting you will be able to trun them into a sustainable self-healing process.