Teaching Beyond Borders

Teaching Beyond Borders – how Creativity connects Cultures

Globally shared stories – from religious beliefs to blockbuster movies like “Star Wars” or Pixar movies – provide new tribal forms of culture and identities. Cooperating with people of diverse cultural backgrounds on a daily basis has become the norm of the 21st Century. Our children grow up in a rapidly shrinking world and also most of us as their parent generation are connected globally in many ways – as customers, or mere data sets stored with companies like Facebook or Google.

Mastering intercultural communication and being able to adapt easily and without conflict to the habits and customs of other countries and cultures is one of the most important 21st Century skills. Moving like a fish between different languages, being aware of diverse cultural norms of behaviour and specific taboos are of vital importance to turn diversity into an asset.
This workshops provides many perspectives on intercultural trainings in schools, universities, companies, institutions as well as for informal open systems. We will also have time to do practical exercises so that you will not only have take-home-messages but take-home-experiences. 🙂