Intercultural competence

Mastering intercultural communication and being able to adapt easily and without conflict to the habits and customs of other countries and cultures is one of the most important skills and resources to successfully face the challenges of globalization. Cooperating with people of different origins on a daily basis, changing between different languages and norms of behavior is both at the same time: an opportunity and a challenge.

I provide intercultural trainings for companies and institutions as well as for informal open systems and individuals. Whether you are already internationally active or you want to build up your intercultural competence in the course of new markets, feel free to contact me.
My experience with diverse projects both in the international world of theatre, international business as well as for educational institutions all over the world provided me with a wide array of and intense and inspiring encounters.

I gladly share these experiences and a good deal of theoretical background during my intercultural training sessions. I am happy to be able to cooperate with many competent friends and partners from all over the world, to help iorganizations, company founders and individuals facing new challenges.