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Welcome to this website 🙂

My name is Thorsten Kreissig also known as TeeKay, my easy-to-pronounce nickname. I have a background in theatre and psychology. 
Since the year 2000 I have been extending my career as a professional stage artist to work as a coach for and consultant for individuals and organisations.
I have a focus on improving the communication skills of people –  because most problems we face are based on misunderstanding and bad communication.
A second root of my profession are the many forms of efficient and sustainable learning methods and skills – since learning and adapting is vital to any change process.
As a result I have been involved more and more as a systemic and intercultural consultant for companies and institutions all over the globe.

I am happy to support you or your company at all levels in developing new perspectives.
Please find more detailed infos on special
topics in the following list.

Expertise on

Personal Life and Career Coaching

The Captain of your Ship
The Captain of your own Ship

You and no one else is the captain of your life’s ship. During a coaching process I will give you the necessary orientation during an agreed period of time: this can be short term, medium term or long term, just as you please.
Like a nautic pilot I will help you to descover new shores, harbors and places you want to reach.

Teambuilding – Families

Also families, teams and small groups can also increase their satisfaction and performance. Like a sports coach, I work with you to improve your communication, optimize your collaboration, and give your team the maximum output. Benefit from my many years of experience in various complex groups.

Organizational development

Large organization such as companies, authorities but also social systems grow according to certain well defined sociological patterns. These patterns are dependent and also determined by the communication structures of these systems.
In order to grow in a healthy way or to change the focus of a system it is extremely helpful to take a close look at how functional or dysfuncional their communication is.

We are about to make this
whole website available in English. Nevertheless some content may still only be available in German. Feel free to use a translatation tool in order to get a rough idea.