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Leonardo da Vinci – artist and engineer

“Design Thinking” has become one of the most cherished methods to increase creativity for teams and individuals. Developed at the MIT and Stanford within their very tech-savvy environments it utilizes a few elements you would not necessarily expect in the standard designer’s toolkit. Linking empathy to the chain of experimentation Design Thinking follows the path of many artists throughout the centuries. For centuries new products have been developed in the workshops of artists – until they moved into the laboratories of private entrepreneurs and universities.
Deign Thinking and Beyond helps you and your team to create truly innovative solutions.

Iteration – again and again, but always different

These are the six basic steps of Design Thinking – with a lot of loops between prototyping and testing 🙂

Design Thinking integrates numerous iterative loops, rapid prototyping and always a quick check through tests of the last developed version. The creative processes combined with sustainable decision making help to turn customers into prosumers.
Unlike other innovation methods, Design Thinking is not described as a simple method or process, but rather as a systemic and holistic approach based on the three equivalent principles of team, space and process.

Phase 3 – Ideation

There is often a lot of time in front of almost every ingenious idea in which the problem is usually unconsciously orbited. This “breeding phase” can be supported by a variety of techniques and framework conditions. This accelerates the development of new ideas and often unconventional solution strategies.
Workshop sequence

After a brief introduction to the background of creative thinking processes, the techniques mentioned above will be presented briefly and implemented on the basis of practical examples in “Heureka!”.

It is of course possible and desirable to incorporate current personal and general questions of the participants in the workshops. The aim of the Design Thinking Workshop is to find new solutions.

Here you will find an overview of other successful creativity techniques that are used and trained in the workshops.

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