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Most people acchieve their best learning results being part of a relaxed and motivated group. This is the atmosphere I creat in my “work and pleasure shops” in order to offer you and your team a chance to discover, develop and train new skills.
This list gives you a quick  overview of possible topics
All workshops are open for people over the age of 14.
Depending on the knowledge and experience of the participants they can be held as beginners or expert workshops.
I am also happy to develop workshops and training programs for your specific needs in consultation with you.
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Peak Performers! Develop your giftedness and sell your talents

Take a look at the topic of giftedness, talent and High IQ:  Adequate early support for children, secrets to successfully acquired learning skills, neurophysiologic basics and socio-political conditions will result in a successful “Life Long Learning” career.

In this entertaining and informative workshop TeeKay takes look at the theory and practice around the topic of giftedness, talent and High IQ. He encompasses questions of adequate early support for children and looks further to concepts for acquiring successful learning skills. Adaptivity, flexibility and a truly experienced “Life Long Learning” are crucial factors for a successful career in our 21st Century soft skills society.

The whole world is a stage“ – Acting techniques in daily life

Whether on purpose or unconsciously, we all produce and convey images of ourselves, always focusing on certain aspects of our personalities. At times we are able to select and choose our audiences, at times we can only adapt to the situation, be in the flow and mingle with the crowd in order to change it from within.

Empathy, techniques for enhancing your creativity and self monitoring are the key elements for improving and perfectioning your soft skills. An actors education and work life is a continuous education in keeping these capacities open, alive and ready for use.

So by observing actors and artists, we can learn a lot about our performances in different roles ourselves! Whether it’s on the job in business life, whether privately in our social systems of family, friends, associations, clubs or publicly in society, organizations or political parties – Acting techniques can be very helpful..

This workshop with a lot of practical exercises will give you an insight in the basics of an actors education, will broaden your horizon and enable to look behind the “tricks” of public performance.

Eureka – Everyone’s a Think-Tank!

Creativity as key to success – great lessons from da Vinci, Mozart to Edison and Steven Jobs!

Creativity is one of the most important factors for success in business. But an innovative idea does not suddenly occur out of nowhere as a strike of genius in somebody’s head.

Dealing with thoughts, concepts and ideas in a creative, playful and productive way is an ability that can be enhanced and trained – just like any other talent. This workshop will show and train a couple of established techniques, to do so.

Not every musician will turn into Mozart, not every engineer will be Thomas Alva Edison und not every left handed painter will Be Leonardo. But it is great fun to see and understand, how they grew up to tap into their “genius potential” and get some tricks, to be more like them.

And if you integrate these “thinking round the corner” in your life on a daily basis, you will definitely have more fun.

Pimp your Presentation!
Successful enterbrainment with humor and eye-contact


No one in today’s business world can do without soft skills! Whether you are giving a lecture in a conference, whether you apply for a job or you are performing in an oral exam in school or university, you represent and sell yourself.

And you encounter those tricky questions thrown at you, in order to put you off balance, or even to prove your incapacities.

How do you deal with these situations? How can you be comfortably settled within yourself and have a heightened awareness of your surrounding? What can you do, when your mind decides to give way due to stress and produce the classic blackout: you know, that you know, but you are unable to remember it NOW!

This workshop will give you some exciting answers from the world of professional performers: theatre people. Basic exercises to memorize text, to overcome stage fright as well as the wonderful experience, where the simple phrase “Oh yeah!” turns a problem into an exhilarating new chance to learn and grow !

Perhaps you will discover, that the boy scout motto “Be prepared” is still valid, but can be complemented by “Unprepared? Enjoy the fresh unobstructed view on reality”. Fun guaranteed!.

Sex sells – but stories sell more!
Storytelling as key factor for Marketing

Collective memories connect people and keep cultures, societies and companies alive. Our brains are hungry for plots and narrative connections and it is up to Marketing departments to understand and influence these factors..


Nothing connects and unites people more powerfully than the mutual and collective experience of a shared adventure. Our brains are hungrily looking for plots, creating narrative connections whenever possible and it is mutually shared stories that keep cultures and societies alive and determine their futures. Rituals, storytelling and theatrical performances were among the first bond-forming rituals mankind has developed.

From the origins of theatre at the prehistoric fireplace until today’s culture of sharing our lives in the social networks, remodeling our world on all levels. Spiced with fun examples also from the “Discworld” of the late Terry Pratchett you will see how the vital element of “Narrativium” influences culture, commerce, conferences, common purpose and general connectedness.


Since it’s a workshop participants should be ready to share THEIR stories with others as well as to create new ones together. Improv-Theatre exercises never fail to activate everyone. The final result of the different exercises will be a short perfomace, possibly a multilevel-multimedia storytelling including video and depending on the participants possible also an interactive online game.

Ethnofuturism: how traditions, religions and folk culture shape innovation

The workshop has been held in evolving stages at the German Annual Mensa Gathering 2013, The EMAG 2013 and at the due to the short preparation time at the moment and my stay in Asia no pictures available

Lucky Me! How to enhance the amount of happiness in your life

Our brain loves the moment when happiness kicks in!
In the Greek mythology Kairos was the god of the “perfect moment”. He was portrayed as a bald young man, with only a shock of hair at his forehead. You would have to be prepared to seize him on time – if you waited too long, your hand would slip off his hairless back of the head.

In “Lucky Me!” we take a look at the attitudes, aptitudes, perspectives and other features like readiness, which enable us to experience all the satisfying facets of life.
We also take a close look at the scientific approaches to different sources of happiness, flow and exhilaration in the past decades and we will use basic exercises of improv-theate to get fast and entertaining results within our workshop group – triggering moments of happiness like love at first sight, the sudden offer of the job you always wanted or the sensational vacation: serendipity at work.


Sharing THEIR visions of happiness with the other workshop participants will create a realistic and large variety of HAPPY MOMENTS in the past, which we will use to develop practical no frills “Happiness” experiences to share with all the LIFT-attendees during the rest of the conference.

It would be great to have the Email addresses of the participants about 10 days ahead of the conference, to ensure an easy but necessary mental preparation.

How to successfully manage the different parts of your personality

Most highly gifted people have a vast array of interests, an enormous curiosity and a widespread assortment of activities and challenges. Sometimes this attitude gets us in conflict with our surrounding – sometimes with ourselves.

Solving such conflicts

“Those who do not know their past are forced to repeat it”.

The dark episodes of our life steer us just as well as the truly positive breathtaking ones! Most of the time
TeeKay’s concept of “TUNED & TONED” is a unique way to take a look at your personal resources. It builds on the concepts of “Transactional Analysis” and the “Inner Team” and extends them into a sustainable self-healing process for the Highly Gifted.

(Participants in this workshop will have to sign a nondisclosure clause in order to respect the privacy of the topics which might come up during the session.)

! Mind-bniM !   – Self Reflection und Mirror-Neurons

Philosophy, religion and science are all driven by mans desire to understand the “why” and “for which reason” questions. Neurosciences today help us to understand how our brains functions – and MRTs enable us to watch us while thinking.
The old Greek philosophers didn’t teach how we experience school nowadays: sitting down an listening. So for this philosophical walk we will take a nice stroll around the block, while exchanging thoughts and opinions on the “why” and “for which reason” questions and our so far known “because” answers.  🙂


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