Lucky me – Enhancing Happiness

Our brain and our bodies love the moments when happiness kicks in!
So if you understand how you can create and intensify these moments – maybe even without external help – you will be able to experience life at its best: enriched, fulfilled and truly happy   🙂

Lucky Me! How to enhance the amount of happiness in your life

In the Greek mythology Kairos was the god of the “perfect moment”. He was portrayed as a bald young man, with only a shock of hair at his forehead. You would have to be prepared to seize him on time – if you waited too long, your hand would slip off his hairless back of the head.

In “Lucky Me!” we take a look at the attitudes, aptitudes, perspectives and other features like readiness, which enable us to experience all the satisfying facets of life.
We also take a close look at the scientific approaches to different sources of happiness, flow and exhilaration in the past decades and we will use basic exercises of improv-theate to get fast and entertaining results within our workshop group – triggering moments of happiness like love at first sight, the sudden offer of the job you always wanted or the sensational vacation: serendipity at work.

Interactive moments

Sharing THEIR visions of happiness with the other workshop participants will create a realistic and large variety of HAPPY MOMENTS in the past, which we will use to develop practical no frills “Happiness” experiences to share with all the LIFT-attendees during the rest of the conference.

The results of the workshop can be enhanced when the participants receive an email with a few questions about 10 days ahead. This way they can prepare themselves with a few easy mental exercises.

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